Application for Enrollment

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1. To pay full fees strictly weekly ( or fortnightly as arranged with the Director)

2. To pay full fees if the child/ren is/are absent through illness, holidays ( public or otherwise), or for any other reason.

3. To notify the Centre promptly if the child/ren will be absent at any time.

4. To withhold from the Centre children suffering from contagious illness for a period specified by a Medical Practitioner
and / or according to exclusion chart.

5. I /We also authorize the Director or Licencee to act on my/ore behalf is case of sudden illness or injury to obtain any
medical assistance which they consider necessary

6. I /We further agree to allow transport by ambulance and administration of anaesthetic by qualified Medical
Practitioners if such an event arises.

7. To give the Centre 2 weeks notice if enrolment is terminated or decreased - or to pay 2 weeks fees in lieu.